Passion for Fashion from Father to Children

Every success has its own story. Main character, who was at the origin of our company is Atilla Tunçer. He started his working career as an apprentice in Izmir, Sadırvanaltı in 1953. 

In subsequent years he worked as a salesman in a large fabric and textiles shop. These efforts allowed him to accumulate necessary professional experience and confidence to start his own small business. The foundation of the family company was laid in 1971, from the opening of a textile business on a retail space of only 9 sq.m. 

Gradually expanding, he went into wholesale trade. The opening of the second wholesale store was followed by a further increase in the area, starting production and enterprise growth.

From father-founder the family business was accepted and successfully continued by the children.

Two sons and a daughter also made significant contributions to the development and increase of production and exports. Continuously developing and working, over the years of activity from a small enterprise, we went to the world level.

The founder of our company - Mr. Tunçer, who dedicated his life to work is very proud now as he succeeded to pass commitment to work, conscientiousness and honesty on to his children.

Following fashion trends with great passion and attention in detail, we dress men for formal events such as weddings, proms and all special occasions. 

Every man is looking for a suit that reflects his personality in order not only to look impressive, but also feel the same. 

Our suits are presented in different variations and styles: elegant сostumes with vests, tuxedos, smoking suits and vintage models designed for “boho” weddings.

For a complete stylish look, the costumes are complemented by an elegant shirt with cufflinks and leather shoes of our brand as well as specially selected accessories.

ADIMO menswear expresses elegance combined with luxury and comfort.

We also produce elegant suits for boys and juniors. The stylish models for children are identical to suits for adults with matching shirts and accessories for a complete formal look.

In additional, we take care of special suits for invited family members and friends.

Sincere commitment, experience and service to our customers are three keywords that characterize our family business.

ADIMO collections several times have been awarded the highest award at the Paris Bridal Fair (including the last 5 years in a row).

Our continued success is due not only to a loyal team of specialists, but also to the recommendations of our regular customers.

For many years of successful work, ADIMO suits have been appreciated by men from many European countries.

We cooperate with boutiques, agents, representatives and distributors from France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and many other countries.

ADIMO offers every groom his perfect special outfit, so that he shines next to his bride on the most beautiful day of their lives. 

Happy and satisfied customers are rewards for our work.